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a woman brutally murdered in the middle of the afternoon. now police have more questions than answers. good evening. i'm jim bettes. >> and i'm doreen gezler. that murder happened in afterno apartment complex in greenbelt. police were called to greenbelt
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road and jackie has more. jackie? >> this crime is disturbing and bafling. the victim is described to be in her 40s. her name hasn't been released. investigators tried to piece together the details of a brutal crime. two separate 11 calls sent prince george's county police officers to t greenbelt apartment at about 2:00 a.m. a witness said there was a woman in the stairwell and she appeared to be very badly injured. >> officers on the scene and located the female who was suffering trauma to her body. they transported her at that time to a local hospital where a doctor pronounced her dead at approximately 3:20 this afternoon. >> another 911 call reported a shooting, but it's not clear whether that caller heard gunshots or just assumed the victim had been shot based on
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her appearance. investigators questioned some potential witnesses. tree trimmers who were working about 50 feet from the doorway when the crime occurred. it's not clear whether they were able to supply a suspect. police were asked about a possible motive for the crime. >> at thisime idoes not appear to be a bbery, but we are still looking for the motive in the case. >> the apartment complex do not have a security cama system. doreen, back to you. >> all right, jackie bensen reporting from greenville tonight. thank you, jackie. >> firefighters rescued a woman from a burning home late this afternoon along brook ridge court. the flames began inside the kitchen and quickly filled the downstairs with smoke.
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the homeowner was pulled to safety from a second floor window. firefighters estimate the damage there to be about $100,000. a man was stabbed in a parking lot in a manassas strip mall today. police say two teenars tried to rob a property surveyor. he was taking photographs behind the canterbury village shopping center. police say the suspects beat the victim and stabbed him a number of times in the stomach. an employee driving into work scared the suspects off by continually honking his car horn. we're told the victim is in stable condition tonight. police have arrested one suspect. they're still looking for another. nine american service members were killed today when a black hawk helicopter crashed in afghanistan. the region is a taliban stronghold and nato forces have been stepping up efforts to rule out insurgents there. the taliban immediately clmed responsibility for the crash, but nato officials said there were no reports of hostile fire
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in the ar. this is the deadliest year for forces that began in 2001. 50,000 american troops have been killed in the war. craig melvin has our report. >> reporter: a local man was one of many who thought a syned might bring about the end of don't ask, don't tell. when that didn't happen, this was a shift in the debate. what now has been cohesion for many now sms to be a question of motivation. david hall works in d.c. with the service members legal defense network. before that, he was in the air force for five years. >> ranked number one in my class and a female cadet went to my commander and said, he's gay. >> hall said he was dismissed under don't ask, don't tell.
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he watched cosely as the senate took up banning the don't asking, don't tell. many people questioned the tivation of the timing of the debate. >> this is a ploy in order to try to galvanize the political base of the other side which is facing a losing election. >> this came on the heels of a raging rally monday in maine. those supporting the appeal hope to win over morate republican susan collins. in spite of her floor speech, she appeared swayed. >> i think it's the right thing to do. i think it's only fair. but collins and all republican senars voted no. procedural wrangling stopped the vote this time. they are thankful for the delay. >> the elections are coming up soon, and overall i'm glad we're going to slow down andry get at the right answer instead of just doing it politically
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expedient. >> the bill won't come up before the november elections. for david hall, that's a long wait. >> there are 66,000 gays and lesbians currently serving that every day they go to work wondering, is today going to be the day that i get fired? >> at a human rights dinn about year ago here in d.c., president obama tried to repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy. today the white house says it is disappointed but plans to keep trying. eight current and former officials in the small town of bell, californiawere arrested today. bell is a low-income l.a. suburb. the former city manager there, robert riz zzo, was earning mor than $800,000 a year. that's more than twice the salary president obama earned. the others arrested today are accused of misappropriating $102
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million. they are allxpected in court tomorrow morning. >> some mixedews in the market this morning. home consuction overall was up by10% in august. that's a bigger increase than experts had expected. applications for buildings also were up. apartments and condominiums saw a 32% up tick there. 33% of homes grew just over 4%. still ahead on news4 -- ♪ >> this virginia library group has a creative way to poke n of budget cuts. bedbugs spreading in one town in maryland. plus, how stress can affect one woman's ability to get pregnant. summer officially ends tomorrow, but mother nature trying to hold on and give us some heat. i'll show you coming up in my
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full forecast. liz zee? this is not the natural scheme you're used to. you have got to see what the nationals did tonight. the redskinslet go of a
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. a library in bennett, maryland had a small infestation of bedbugs that we're told are gone now. last friday, a sff meer found four to six bedbugs in a book drop. they are put in a van and when the temperature reaches 130 degrees for ten minutes, the bedbugs will be dead. all eight frederick county libraries and bookmoeblz have been treated by ex term narts. someone hacked into twitter today. twitter doesn't thinkny of its
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user information was compromised. they were able to block out texts and multiply and cause pop-up windows to open. it only affected people on the web site and not people who get their tweets another y. families of people are injured or killed in distracted driving crashes joined together. distracted drivg led to 4,000 injuries last year and distracted driving crashes led to 400 deaths. we'll tell you why it's going to cost you more if you're overweight. also ahead, evidence that stress can affect a woman's ablity to conceive a baby. my special report is next. e's gone hollywo
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if you're overweight, it is going to cost you a lotd more to live your life. researchers at george washington university released some new information today about the cost of obesity. they say obese women will spend about $8,000 a year in added expenses. overweight men will spend an extra $6500 a year. the price of obesity, they say, is six times more than what healthy men will pay. and women will y nine times more. those costs are associated with things such as medical care, disability, missed work and insurance. it's long bn suspected that stress can affect a woman's ability to get pregnant, but now scientists have found evidence that women under stress can have a hard time conceiving.
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>> i don't know th i believed i would ever get pregnant before i came here. >> it took four and a half years for tammy brant to conceive. >> every month that it doesn't work, you're getting more and more stressed. and then you're thinking, o my god, i'm stressed, but stress is bad for getting pregnant, but now i'm stressed because i'm not pregnant and now i'm not pregnant because i'm stressed. >> so she quit her job, started practicing yoga and underwent a'quonesa acupuncture. now for the first time scientist have found physical evidence that stress can delay pregnancy in some women. >> what we ended up finding was one biomarker in particulr, alpha amalase, prevented the ability for conception while women were trying to get pregnant. >> british researchers took saliva samples for over 400
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fertile women. women with high levels of alpha amalase were about 12% less likely to get pregnant in this study. jermaine lewis is a scientist at the national institutes of health specializing how the environment affects fertility. >> so the bottom line is there are things you can do to help maximumize your chances if yore at all concerned, or even in you're not, about getting pregnant as soon as possible. >> they say women should try low-tech solutions first to try to get pregnant before turning to fertility treatments. >> so i think it would be wise for a couple -- not just women -- for a coupl to try to clean up stress in their life and really try to adopt not only a healthy set of behaviors but a mindset. >> dr. melissa esposito, an
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endocrinologist, sd many of her patients found yoga and acupuncture to be helpful, but there hasn't been much scientific support. >> when they do acupuncture, they generally feel less stress and less anxiety, and they feel good doing it. >> tammy brant is convinced it was those homeopathic therapies that allowed her to calm down ask getant jack is now five months old. >> you have to be in a good place toaise somebody else. >> the rearchers looked at another possibility of stress, cortisol. but in that case th found in connection between cortisol and pregnancy.
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on >> once they start moving, watch out. some more changes ahead? >> you know, winter -- winter? winter starts in about three months, actually. summer officially ends tomorrow evening at 11:09, but you won know it by the forecast. beautiful night out there tonight, fountains going, the moon looking great as well. almost a full moon as it continues to rise this evening. we'll continue to see a very nice night with clear skies. we're looking at very ni conditions across the area. we saw a high temperature of 80 degrees with a low of 56, so it was a cool start but a ally beautiful afternoon with abunda sunshine, light winds for the most part. it was really a gorgeous day, gorgeous night as well. winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. that southerly wind is going to start bringing temperatures up. 63 in frederick. we were at at this time last night, so a lot warmer here.
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look at the warm air to the sout and west. memphis 85, 92 in stin sincinci. warm air is moving here. we have a cold front. the cold front that moves t the south skm east will create a little bit of a southwest wind tomorrow, and that's going to help to bring that hot air into our region tomorrow, into the day on thursday, into the day on friday as well before another storm system can come through on saturday and help cool us off, just in time for the weekend. so as we wake up tomorrow morning, this is what you can expect. clear skies, not as cool tomorrow and a really nice morning. if you woke up this morning and said, it's a lile too early for the chill. don't worry. tomorrow morning will be just about perfect. then on your wednesday afternoon, ptly sunny summer, not humid. 88 to 92 degrees.
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seen though we're in the 90s, it's t all th uncomfortable. we could see a shower tomorrow into tomorrow night, but i think we'll be dry for the most part. 93 on friday, tt's the really hot day. and then 80on surday, and as i mentioned earlier today, watch out for a stor system on sunday and monday which has the potential to give us some rain. >> thank you, doug coming up in sports, [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things you want?
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larry johnson was a heck of a ball player in his day, wasn't he? >> get this. portis was drafted. it is possible that larry johnson resigns with thi team after this upcoming game, but the redskins today needed larry johnson to make a move for a plar who can also play on special teams. johnsoncarried the ball five times just two yards while the redskins had a spectacular day passing on sunday. the rushing attack again did not come close to resembling the running game for which shanahan was known in denver. in the past two games, the redskins have run the ball just 40 times. 18otal yards rushing. larry johnson, a d.c. native, had struggled to get going in the pre-season. he was pulled from the game after the fourth quarter. today the redskins released him a day after he admitted he was
11:24 pm
still trying to get used to that reserve role. >> i was making plays as best i could, and i take that ten-yard loss on me. i was really disappointed for the team to have to go in there and go backwards ten yards. it's tough, but i just got to learn a little bit more as far as you get two chances, you kno to put your pride aside and do what's best for the am. >> running back larry johnson released today by the redskins. two days after mcknabb, he set out to get his own mark in the guinness book of world records and he broke it. he had a little help as well from players and hundreds of kids who showed up for an interactive group fitness session. the goal was to fight obesity and the health problems that go
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along with it. the group broke guinnessorld record titles for the largest lesson, with 646 kids taking part. mcknabb sa he hopes these exercis taught on the field today help d.c. kids lead healthier lives. >> what you're seeing is guys who care and an organization who cares as well, hoping to eliminate obesity, high blood pressure, hypertension and everything. it obviously starts with having the right mindset, working out, eating right and getting these kids outside. >> donovan mcknabb turning in the chunky soup for some exercise. he hates that commercial, by the way. he said he doesn't wa people to remember him for that, so now he's working on fitness. after dropping six games at nuss mark, the nationals pummelled the astros 8-4.
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they're tryingo end a four-game losing streak at this point. jason michaels takes john lannon deep down into the seats. lannon gave up four points in the inning. lannon, though, would calm down giving up just two hits to the next nine batters he faced. he goes seven innings, allows three runs. so now we go to the bottom of the eighth inning, hoping for something special. rodriguez would deliver. batolino, career home run for the score. it's now tied 3-3 and the nationals keep the rally going. a couple batters later. justin maxwell comes home from third. look at this, he's so excited, he slips and falls down as he gets close to the dugout, but the best part is look at the reaction of his teammates. they're all smiles.
11:27 pm
the nats end their losing streak and win the game 8-4. talk about a win that can pump you up. >> thank you, lindsay. still ahead -- ♪ >> sulking about budget
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actress meryl streep is in the district tonight raising money for a new museum. streep is supporting plans f a national women's history museum on th national mall. the money raised tonight will go toward buying federal property for the museum at 12th and
11:30 pm
independence southwest. the house passed legislation authorizing the museum last year and are pending in the senate. some local librarians are becoming a hit on the internet for their unique way of dealing with hardship ♪ >> the staff at the sentrahonic region alally says this budget is the worst in years. so they made this video. it has received 30,000 hits in a week from people all over the world. >> chinese, hungarian, swedish web sites. it's very gratifying. >> people have this image of librarians that we're not like regular people, but w really are. so we don't usuly dance on the tables, but after hours, who knows. >> the full video is on our web
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check this out. tanner edwards from arkansas. he performed on the ellen degeneres show. it reportedly made him quite popular with the ladies. [ smashing sounds ] [ cheerand applause ]

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